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10 months ago
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8 years ago
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1 month ago
Guess I'll get covid tested after my exam tomorrow, but I'm also like 90% sure I have it

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9TulipsOfLove 1 month ago
I hope you'll be ok.
1 month ago
@BlueLake2 Weird. My symptoms started a day before my dad tested positive though and we live in the same house, so it seems the most likely explanation for my chest pain/headache.
36BlueLake2 1 month ago
I had a 103 fever maybe a month ago and 36 hours later, before I could even do my covid test, everything was completely back to normal (test came back negative)
1 month ago
Not at all (fingers crossed stays like that). I have a dull headache that's been there for 4 days and my chest has been slightly tight for 2. I'm basically at like 96% of my normal lol. But I'm young and healthy in general, so that's a big part.
1 month ago
Uh oh... hope its not bad. :/