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3rayword45backup 3 years ago
@Therum a friend of mine says she's basically being forced to leave RIT bc they revoked her scholarship due to long term illness. Is this normal practice?

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36BlueLake2 3 years ago Reply
They all seem pretty surprised by it too. It's not really something other students can advise on (at least not very effectively) but one person said "if you are unable to attend full time, any university will revoke benefits/aid."

It also seems like it classifies as an involuntary leave of absence (''The student has a medical reason that will prevent them returning to the university in the foreseeable future'') and they have a whole page of procedures and whatever at, but it basically says "talk to Student Financial Services before taking a leave."

I would tell her to give that page a quick skim and try to get in contact with SFS to see what can be done. The page is a bit confusing but it seems like they are able to recalculate your financial needs based on your student records prior to leaving so hope might not be all lost.
36BlueLake2 3 years ago Reply
Damn that sucks, I'm in the RIT accepted students Discord server so I'll ask some of the current students
3 years ago Reply
That sucks. Hope things work out for her
3rayword45backup 3 years ago Reply
Damn he ain't been here in a hear what the flip