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21EvilWaffles 5 years ago
Wuw, it works. Doesn't like Herter's though. It'll fire it but sometimes the firing pin will strike the primer but not set off the round. Cheapo ammo though, kind of expected. I think Armscor is gonna be the main ammo, along with Winchester. Gonna have to try out some JHP. Not sure if 1911 will work for lower grain ammo though, 230gr is what was meant to be shot. Just have some Sig Vcrown 230gr ammo which isn't ideal, want lower grain for a 45 in hollow point.

Anyone excited for Final Fantasy 12 on PC? Don't need an emulator anymore to play it but the spec requirements are out of this world for such an old title.

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5 years ago
Plot twist: it's just running in an emulator.