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21EvilWaffles 5 years ago
Gotten a T530 ThinkPad. Pretty crazy, the LCD can overclock to 130Hz and works perfectly. 900p panel though but not a big deal to me. Got this one because it's the only laptop I'd want, hate using trackpads for anything, got to have a nipple.

Also, rip wallet. .45ACP isn't cost efficient. Kinda knew that before getting my 1911 but 20 rounds of JHP 230 gr costs as much as 50 rounds of FMJ 230 gr. But it's not like I'll be using much JHP anyways. Turns out my 1911 has an issue with the sear and hammer, so I gotta get warranty work on it. Shot 100 rounds but every three or so rounds in a fresh mag, the hammer would fall to half apple sauce (which is a safety feature, keeps the hammer from accidentally falling and hitting the firing pin). I'd have to apple sauce it back to continue firing.

Oh, and Merry late Christmas! The weather here in Kansas is very chilly. Almost hit a poll sliding into the driveway. Safe driving to ya gents.
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32Abu 5 years ago
Well 12 gauge with practice ammo??
21EvilWaffles 5 years ago
@Abu That'd be the way to do it. Problem with 22 for me is that it has barely any recoil. To me, it's more enjoyable with some recoil and a lot of bang but that comes at a cost of ammo. If I were to buy another pistol, it'd probably have to be a 9mm. Probably something compact as well.
21EvilWaffles 5 years ago
@umer936 Yeah, I don't proof read very well. T61 would be cool to have, just for that IBM logo itself. I can't even recall the first model I ever owned but I'm pretty sure it had a 60GB HDD and some ATI graphics. Was a good laptop, really miss it but that is why I have my T530 now.
5 years ago
Eyy a T530 ThinkPad. I have a ThinkPad Twist and a ThinkPad T61.

Also, don't hit any *poles or polls.
32Abu 5 years ago
I got a 22 just for plinking due to ammo cost lol
21EvilWaffles 5 years ago
@SLEDGE Yeah, that was why I bought it. 45acp just isn't cost efficient in general compared to your smaller calibers for obvious reasons. I tried Remington 230gr FMJ and Winchester 230gr FMJ, all fed fine except for the hammer issue. Case ejection was good. Just want to see if JHP will cycle, which is always a bit iffy with 1911s.
5 years ago
Defensive rounds like a hollow point are made to be very reliable and high quality. You gotta use cheap FMJ practice rounds when you go shooting or you'll go bankrupt.
5 years ago
lol Merry late Christmas!
21EvilWaffles 5 years ago
Hehe, can't say half-c0ck. Apple sauce is best safety feature, Ivan.