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If you program, linear algebra is a course you should take. Just saying. It's not a required class for software engineering at my school(for as far as I can tell no reason). It's easily the most useful math I have learned for programming.

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16SuperCam 4 years ago Reply
I've never used it for anything, but I have thought of a few things where linear algebra would be incredibly helpful when I did program.... But those days are long gone lol
4 years ago Reply
@umer936 Ikr?
4 years ago Reply
@.:A-MAN:. Flip calc. I'm taking it again in college (after doing in highschool) and I'm still struggling.
4 years ago Reply
It's a required course in 2nd year for UT ECE.
30Yenwood 4 years ago Reply
ughugh but i dont like school
4 years ago Reply
Oh definitely. Algebra and trig are pretty much all I use. Calc is basically useless to me though.