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4 years ago
I was looking up electroluminescent phosphor because @Therum and found a YouTube video of a woman explaining it and the comments disgust me.

Because it's a woman, the comments are like "her knowledge makes me hard" or "want to see how big my lab is?"

And we wonder why women feel less welcome in STEM... >.>

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4 years ago Reply
@Dill pickle I went in with low expectations and was still disappointed.
30Yenwood 4 years ago Reply
you really can't go into the youtube comments section and expect anything else
4 years ago Reply
I frequently refer to the YouTube comments section as Mos Eisley.
4 years ago Reply
It's the stuff EL Wire is made of x3
I'm trying to make a driver for EL wire that can programmatically dim, and because no one ever wants dimming el wire, I have to figure it out myself, which means understanding how to change the input to reduce the power.