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4 years ago
I forget, doesn't someone here aside from me go to RIT?

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36BlueLake2 1 year ago Reply
I don't know how I found this three year old status but I'm in my second year at RIT
16SuperCam 4 years ago Reply
@Therum oh wait the question was do I go there. I do 3-6 times a week, but that's a job. I don't really do anything but keep the moral-based singularity generator stable.
Don't actually use it that much, which is what I assumed the question meant originally.

But again, it might not have ever existed next time anyone is on here next time
16SuperCam 4 years ago Reply
the Righteous International Teleporter? You would think since I built the thing, but they don't really give me that much of a discount.... Especially since I have the power to delete it from reality with a single text message... You know what? I'm going to do that. By the time you read this no one but me will know what I'm talking about.

Unless I do end up chickening out... Discovering intelligent life and setting up a trade system was really beneficial, especially since it virtually irradicated most cancers and Bernie was able to pretty much peacefully dismantle ISIS in the middle East in the first month of being elected.........

But still, 3 pints of blood, a stool sample, and 589 dollars to go to another planet every other day is a little annoying when everyone else has to pay 989.75 dollars. Not much of a discount if you ask me...

We'll see in the morning
3LordStrum 4 years ago Reply
I know a girl at RIT, that's about it.
4 years ago Reply
Last year of a five year program which I took a "break" in the middle of to work a bit longer on my internships. And the type of stuff I specialize in doesn't pay a ton of money. Only web stuff seems to pay software engineers more than they're worth.
32Abu 4 years ago Reply
you are still in college?
I thought you graduated and made a millions of dollars in silicon valley by now..