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44GuitarBoy 7 years ago
Well okay. The benefits of @Prestotron and I becoming roommates:

1. We'd make a good pair. We have a lot to teach each other.

2. We could split expenses.

3. With our combined income, neither one of us would *have* to have a full time job (I just went from $8.60 to $9 at Staples)

4. We'd both get away from our families.

5. We could even go into business together.

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44GuitarBoy 7 years ago
@SLEDGE Of course. I'm not as keen about the idea as he is right now.
7 years ago
Roomates can be a good or a bad idea, you guys should meet more IRL before doing it. Small things that you don't mind in the current context of your relationship might destroy it in excessive amounts.