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9DCTheGamr 2 weeks ago
I will convince my frens to install Linux Mint soon for those that have laptops (would recomment Arch, but i dont even have a clue what im doing there yet still XD so definitely not now for them)

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9DCTheGamr 1 week ago
@SLEDGE In my friends cases, they dont even use their computers much (for the ones that have it). Mostly stuff like school-work, browser stuff, and occasionally playing games (specifically games that probably have a Linux version anyways). Plus since it seems to work better usually if u can find decent alternatives, its tempting to just main Linux. I'll probably have a hard-drive to boot into Win10 on my computer (like ive been doing with Arch Linux for now) purely to play games that dont support Linux when necessary tho.

As for friends, idk tho it probably wont be a big issue for them. Worst case they'll reinstall Win10/11 if they need it
2 weeks ago
Windows is just removing useful settings trying to replace them with Apple-like baby stuff and with Linux getting a lot better with compatibility thanks to the Steam Deck, it's becoming an increasingly tempting offer
2 weeks ago
I don't think average people are not gonna be happy with it tbh. I have college certifications in Linux Server Admin and hate where Windows has been going the last decade and I still don't use Linux as a main. A lot of it is having to learn a bunch of alternative software to replace my current but also for as long as you use it you are going to have every other software you look at maybe or maybe not work. The CLI requirements alone are enough to not be worth it to average people, why even "Windows Replacement" distros still don't have as full a GUI as Windows is bananas to me.

Windows sure pushes me closer to the edge every year though...