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37BlueLake2 1 month ago
My school is now officially requiring all students to be covid-vaccinated in the fall, and is ending the choice of remote learning.

I'm actually kind of surprised. The vaccines are still a good ways away from going from emergency use authorized to full FDA-approved, so I'm pretty surprised a lot of schools in my area are requiring it with no virtual alternative. We already paid tons of money to get cameras and microphones in all of our lecture halls so it seems strange that students who want to wait until it's fully approved no longer have that remote option. I guess the group of people who trust vaccines but also wants to wait for full approval is too small to consider on a school-level.

To be clear I've been planning on getting it once my state's slow-butt rollout makes me eligible. It just seems weird to me that an emergency vaccine is being required. People online are saying it's just the same as requiring the mumps and influenza shots, but those are already approved. Still, playing devil's advocate hasn't been turning out so great on local subreddits and I'm pretty sure there aren't that many responsible people willing to quarantine until full FDA-approval, so it's more of a hypothetical discussion than practical policy.
.:A-MAN:. dislikes this.

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10TulipsOfLove 1 month ago
I hope virtual learning and jobs stay around for those who need/want them....
37BlueLake2 1 month ago
My vision would be require it for all on-campus students, then extend virtual classes for core subjects another semester for those who choose since we already have the infrastructure to support it.

I guess they did some research to find not enough people would be virtual to make it worth it.