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cue "fancy" French music and a picture of a cheap mp3 player

I've started using a $10 mp3 player for music instead of my phone. Once I found out how to boost the base by one point in the settings it sounds better than my phone which I didn't expect. I would say my phone has the same base level naturally so turning it up makes it more comparable.
One thing I notice is that it is quiet when idle, while my phone emits a faint buzzing into the headphones due to some type of interference.
I like that it is 1.5 by 4 inches and actually fits in my hand comfortably, is far less easy to break than my phone, and if it did break it, they hey -- it's $10. I haven't set it down face down accidentally and had the touchscreen get touched by whatever surface I sat it on, changing the song I'm listening to into who knows what or going down some random menu. I'm also starting to enjoy the fact that I don't have to look at the screen to feel the buttons. The battery also seems to last longer.

I don't have a music player on my phone taking any of my precious 2G of phone RAM. Every low RAM music player I tried I didn't really like and I cancelled Spotify because it was using a lot of my phone battery and locking up all the time (and I would rather start buying music directly with the money I would otherwise be paying Spotify, but app performance was one of the other contributing reasons to why I canceled).

I tend to carry around my phone a lot when I listen to music and the past few days it has been just so nice to have something that actually fits in my hand and won't likely break if I drop it. I feel like I have been getting way too much hand and wrist pain from typing but also from carrying a phone around that is too big for my hand. I remember changing from my favorite purse just because my phablet of a phone (now known as a normal phone) would not physically fit.

I've never used an mp3 player in my life before. I initially purchased a few of these cheap ones so my younger siblings could listen to audiobooks without borrowing my mom's old phone so they wouldn't get into YouTube instead. I had an extra one in my desk that I pulled out a few days ago, and I don't think I'm just being a hipster or anything like that. I've never had any warm fuzzy feelings about mp3 players from either personal or deferred nostalgia and I genuinely enjoy using it.

I've been really putting off getting a new phone as mine slowly dies because I hate all the new phones. I just want a modern version of an LG Optimus L9 but with a better build. I suppose I'll never get my low bloat Android 4.2 back though.

This experience has given me an idea. I can now picture myself carrying around a digital camera, a small tablet, a flip phone, and an mp3 player in my bag one day. Maybe for the tablet I'll get some kind of android ereader. Being able to run phone apps is a good and kind of expected thing these days. The other things are rather cheap, and all of this together is cheaper than a flagship phone while potentially being better at every single job while also giving me a better ability to manage distraction. I will have more to keep up with but I'm not especially prone to loosing things these days.

Btw, the mp3 player is a "Mahdi m220", and I'm really surprised by how solid it is. One thing I don't like is that the music doesn't stop when you pull out the headphones, and it's obviously got no Bluetooth support or anything like that for $10 but wow it is sturdy and shiny.
...and it has tetris

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