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A US magistrate judge has ordered Valve to provide sales data to Apple in response to a subpoena issued amid Apple's continuing legal fight with Epic Games.
In addition to some aggregate sales data for the entirety of Steam, Valve will only have to provide specific, per-title pricing and sales data for "436 specific apps that are available on both Steam and the Epic Games Store," according to the order. That's a significant decrease from the 30,000+ titles Apple for which Apple originally requested data.
I thought it was dumb that Apple lawyers were demanding Valve's sales data because they need it for a case that Valve isn't even a part of for reasons. I thought it would be laughed at. Now the judge is ordering Valve to give their sales data up? What the FUUUU

.:A-MAN:. dislikes this.
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2 months ago
Bruh. Valve has to be like "why'd you have to bring us into this?" lol

Apple very clearly is trying to compare apples to oranges (hah pun) and hoping the judges don't know better.