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Welcome umer936 to the admin team

By .:A-MAN:. on July 29, 2023
Many of you probably know @umer936 who has been a mod here on for a long time now. As people come and go, we occasionally need to make staffing changes to ensure we can keep the site running smoothly. After discussing internally, we feel confident in @umer936's ability to contribute to and have agreed to promote him from mod to admin.

Going forward, this means that we'll have more hands to maintain existing site code as well as develop new stuff for going forwards. No other staffing changes are occurring at this time and the existing admins will still be contributing code as well.

With all of that out of the way, feel free to congratulate @umer936 in the comments below. We look forward to having another great developer working with us here at!

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2 months ago
Haha yay
44GuitarBoy 2 months ago
*cracks whip*
Now get to work, @umer936
20TulipsOfLove 2 months ago
Honestly, Umer is a really good person. They'd make a great Admin. Congrats.
2 months ago
@DCTheGamr Green vs red star next to name
8DCTheGamr 2 months ago
lol W.

also i didn’t even know that umer936 wasn’t an admin already