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Levels update!

By .:A-MAN:. on October 29, 2022
Hey, look! It's another one of those rare feature updates that happen like, once a year or something.

NEW: Leaderboard page
Think you got what it takes to be in the top 10? Just curious how you stack up? Check the leaderboard page and see!

NEW: Level cap increase
When we created we though it would take ages for anyone to hit level 60. Turns out it only took me like, 5 years or something and then @umer936 made it not too long after.

Since taking away the shiny gold level 60 badge would be sad, we've kept it so that users who hit level 60 now will still get the gold badge, but the real challenge is to hit the new level cap: level 100

The level scale still uses the same curve beyond 60, so going from level 0-60 is approximately 1/4 of the way to level 100. What, you thought this was linear? Nope!

So, what happens when you hit level 100? Uh............... well........... we have some time to figure that one out.

Additionally, we've been tracking rep even beyond 60, so users who already made it (that is to say, @umer936 and I) didn't stop gaining progress. That mean you have some serious catching up to do! Get posting!

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3 weeks ago
Probably not far off lol @SLEDGE
4 weeks ago
@BlueLake2 @.:A-MAN:. Site has been around for almost 10 years so, taking into account significantly more frequent posting the first few years, if 60 is only 1/4 than it will take at least 30 more years.

Unless I'm doing something wrong.
18SuperCam 4 weeks ago

4 weeks ago
@BlueLake2 probably but it would be a really rough estimate.
17TulipsOfLove 4 weeks ago
Oh that's pretty cool!
38BlueLake2 4 weeks ago
Are you able to calculate when you're gonna hit 100 with your current pace?
4 weeks ago