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April Fools!

By .:A-MAN:. on March 31, 2019
Ah, April 1st. The one day where we actually update Except... nothing seems different this time?

No inverted colors or shy links? Seems very suspicious if you ask me.

No way we'd actually bother creating an April Fools news article with nothing different... right?

There's gotta be something changed somewhere.
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Surprise! New changes!

By .:A-MAN:. on March 31, 2018
You guys thought we were done updating, didn't you? Well guess what, we're not (apparently)!

Here's the rundown of the cool new stuff:
- Colors have been inverted due to popular demand. Or at least I think I heard someone mention it at some point or something. Idk.
- Links have gained sentience. Normally I'd be a bit worried, but in this case they seem content to mostly behave the same as usual, only now they're a bit shy. Just be understanding with them, ok?
-The servers are now approximately 0.000002% faster! Can't you tell?
- is now rebranding as SocialSphere! We just haven't gotten around to updating the logo or domain or anything yet, really. But hey, may as well start getting used to it early, eh?
- Everyone has been gifted a massive, whopping 0 sphe.res to kick everything off! No, seriously, you guys deserve it.

As always, we hope you enjoy these changes! Let us know in the comments what changes you'd like to see for version 4.0!

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By SLEDGE on August 20, 2017
Test article
Comments (8) 3.0!

By .:A-MAN:. on August 18, 2017
Welcome to 3.0!

Wow, this is long overdue. It's been like what, 3 years since 2.0 came out? Feels like forever. Anyways, enough about that. WHAT'S NEW? (I'll tell ya)

New stuff!

- New look! Every page has been overhauled to feel more consistent, clean, and modern. No more pages looking like they were slapped together in 30 seconds and uploaded. No. These pages were slapped together in more than 30 seconds. Probably even more than 50 seconds.

- Dark theme! Although we're deprecating the old themes, now has an officially supported Dark Theme along with the default light theme. Just flip the theme switch on the settings page.

- Real-time notifications! That's right folks, no need to refresh the page to tell if you've got new notifications. As long as you have a modern browser (you DO have a modern browser, RIGHT???) you'll be able to receive the notifications as they appear thanks to the HTML5 notification API.

- Friend autocomplete for messages! Now being friends with someone actually has benefits! Friend names will automatically appear in the "to" field as you type.

- Messages now send notifications! Pretty self-explanatory, but hey, it's new so I'm putting it here.

- Updated notification page! You can now view as many past notifications as you want! Idk why you would want to, but now you can.

Other changes:

-Removed clutter! We got rid of some pages that were just gathering dust. Overall, this should just help the site feel more clean.

- Logout now works. (Apparently that broke a while ago?)

- "Remember me" should remember you longer now.

- Several misc. typos have been fixed around the site.

Things to know:

Unfortunately, this update may not be all fun and games for some users (sorry about that). One of the decisions we made while developing SC 3.0 was to officially drop support for the 3DS and use the Bootstrap framework to develop the site. This made front-end development much faster and, last time we checked, nobody was using the 3DS browser anymore anyways, so we hope this isn't too much of an inconvenience.

Additionally, the 3.0 update will be the last major update for We're glad to have all of you stick around to see this day and we hope you enjoy the update. However the current staff is going to be moving on to bigger and better things soon and as such, we wanted to leave everything in a good place. isn't going anywhere anytime soon (and we'll make sure to apply any critical security fixes as may be necessary) but no new features will be developed (unless there's a sudden spike in popularity for some reason).

Man that's a lot of text...

So, wrapping up, that leaves one more thing. Starting now, for 24 hours you will receive double cu. for everything! (Don't forget to spend it in the App Store! :P) Thanks again for being a part of this, and we hope to see you around!

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Quick Poll

By .:A-MAN:. on July 5, 2017
Hey, just wanted to conduct a quick poll about the site's various features.

Please order the following features from 1=Most wanted to 10=Least wanted

-Quick Notes
-Referral Center

...and put your answer below in the comments. Thanks!

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In other news...

By .:A-MAN:. on May 7, 2016
Local user complains about the lack of new news:

Somebody make up some news so we have new news on the news section of
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Inspiring Quote

By SLEDGE on February 20, 2016
"My status is getting burried[sic] about my Greenlight page. And some people check cube once a week and don't check older posts.
Do you mind just making a news post[...]?"

-Preston Cammarata, 2016

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By .:A-MAN:. on January 8, 2016
You may have noticed that you have suddenly begun to receive slightly more notifications that you would have previously.

That is because we (I) have now implemented notifications to replies on statuses that you have commented on!

Yeah, I figured it was about time someone did it.
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Important Announcement

By .:A-MAN:. on April 1, 2015
It is on this momentous day that I am very pleased to present to you something which will change the future of forever!

For quite some time, not much has changed here at That's not going to be the case for much longer! We believe that something drastic is needed in order to make more professional, more good-looking, and most importantly, more awesome.

As such, without further ado, it is my pleasure to announce that as of today, will be partnering with none other than Google itself to help create the best social website possible!

What does this mean for Well, first of all, this will mean completely new features that we could have only dreamed of before! With Google's help, we will be merging YouTube into as CubeTube, a brand new video sharing platform! Also, the website's design will be completely overhauled with the aid of some of Google's best designers, giving that extra something that website need to be great in this day and age. Expect traffic to increase massively as from now own, every Google search will feature as the top search result, bringing in new users with every search! At this point you may be worried that our cheap hosting might not survive the amount of traffic incoming, but fear not! With this partnership, Google's servers are our servers, giving us enough bandwidth to deal with virtually any number of excited visitors!

"There must be a catch", you might say. Not at all (unless you count signing your soul over to Google as a catch). Just enjoy the incoming awesomeness!

We hope you continue to enjoy your time here at

Thank you for doing what you do,
-The Team
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PC Klub?

By .:A-MAN:. on August 13, 2014
You know, since it will probably never be released, here's a sneak peek at the would-be PC Klub:

I stumbled upon it while browsing some of my files and I must say, considering the point in my web-developing career that it was made, it's pretty dang awesome.

As usual, use chrome for best viewing.
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