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Friends update!

By .:A-MAN:. on January 7, 2021
Happy 2021!
It's time for an update! This time the focus is on friends.

Well... I guess, not really the friends themselves, but the way we show which friends you have here! Most notably, we now actually have a place to view all your friends... the Friends page!

The friends are sorted by when they were last online so you know exactly who to bug because they haven't been online in like, 8 years.

In addition, the friends display on the sidebar has been json-ified and limited to 10 friends which should substantially reduce the page load times for those very popular users (such as myself).

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Merry Christmas!

By .:A-MAN:. on December 25, 2020
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Happy Thanksgiving!

By .:A-MAN:. on November 26, 2020
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Wait, MORE new badges?

By .:A-MAN:. on November 17, 2020
At this time of day?

Yup, that's right! Introducing the Founder badge!

Anyone who created an account within the first year of launching has automatically received this badge... for FREE!

Just like all the other ones!

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New badges!

By .:A-MAN:. on November 14, 2020
Hey, look at that, there's some shiny new badges here!

QN Artist 1
Drew 25 QuickNotes

QN Artist 2
Drew 50 QuickNotes

QN Artist 3
Drew 100 QuickNotes

These are awarded automatically as you save your QNs (but only public ones count).

Have fun drawing!
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Happy Halloween!

By .:A-MAN:. on October 31, 2020

Stay spooky!
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Some QN QoL Updates

By .:A-MAN:. on October 21, 2020
Just a few quality of life updates regarding QuickNotes.

- You can view up to 6 of your most recent QNs on your profile
- You can view more QNs by a user on their profile
- You can see how many stars you've received on all your QNs on your profile (under Accomplishments)
- The QN gallery now has some stats at the bottom (not much yet, but more coming later maybe?)
- QNs will now only round to 1 decimal place instead of 0 for higher DPI displays/people who zoom in while drawing
- QN styling has been improved for better legibility (particularly on dark theme)
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MORE updates?

By .:A-MAN:. on September 29, 2020
Yeah, mostly some minor updates this time (fixing some bugs here and there, like making sure QNs respect the draft flag and using the correct avatar urls everywhere).

However, one BIG update is that the status page now uses ajax for pagination! This should make navigating forwards/backwards much snappier (and use less data if on mobile).

Aside from that, QNs also now support the dark theme better, so that's something.

...hey, I said it was a minor update, alright?
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Maintenance Complete

By .:A-MAN:. on September 24, 2020
As the title says.

However, we've got a few additional changes too! @X27 snuck in a few more QoL updates for QuickNotes and I've updated some of the queries to be more optimized so some pages should now load faster!

As always, hope you guys enjoy!
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Expected Downtime on 9/24

By .:A-MAN:. on September 23, 2020
Just a heads-up, due to the fact that we will be switching the site to a new host on Thursday afternoon, will be temporarily unavailable while data is backed up and transferred so we don't miss anything.

If all goes well it should be back up later the same day.
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