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3.2 (The QN Update)!

By .:A-MAN:. on September 10, 2020
That's right it's update time!


- Overhauled QuickNotes gallery! View latest, hot, and top QuickNotes at a glance or "view more" to see even more of a specific category!

- Improved filtering for your own QuickNotes! You can now sort them by "top" to see which ones most people liked.

- The QuickNotes rating system has been changed to be additive instead of averaged to better represent how much people like them! Plus the rating now updates via ajax so you can see the score update immediately.

- A QuickNotes button has been added to the postbox! Quickly insert a QuickNote (heh, get it? Cuz... it's quick... QuickNotes... yeah) right into your status/forum thread/whatever. You can even insert a QuickNote into your QuickNote comment too now that the QN comments are also using the universal postbox. You can also draw a new QuickNote just by tapping the "new" button in the modal.

- Improved phone/PC QuickNote drawing experience! Now less awkwardly tiny and the tools don't yell at you when you change them like all good tools should do. Oh and it looks a bit nicer too.

- Major improvements and bug fixes to the general QuickNotes experience all around!


- Anything you type into the postbox will be automatically saved whenever you leave the page and restored next time you visit! Super handy for drawing a new QuickNote then coming back to finish your thought. Almost like it was intentionally included in the same update or something.

- Updated the standard BB code list to include the
BB code. Oops.

- Misc. bugfixes/tweaks around the site.

Whew that was a bunch of stuff all at once. As always, hope you guys enjoy!

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1Creeperfan78yt 1 day ago
2 months ago

More like judge my handwriting from 2013 lmao
29Yenwood 2 months ago
2 months ago
2 months ago
@umer936 aw man my Gold must have expired.
2 months ago
2 months ago