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Flair Tags! Woo!

By .:A-MAN:. on June 20, 2020

Yeah, yeah I know, "no more site development" and all that. Well I changed my mind. I'm slapping an asterisk on that so it should now be

"no more site development*

*except when I feel like it"

With that out of the way, what are flair tags? Put simply, they're just extra-fancy BB codes that cost a few cu.bes to use. Some are very cheap, like gold and others are really expensive like stripe! You can use them just about anywhere on the site now, thanks to a new unified postbox.

"New unified postbox?"
That's right! A bunch of different parts of the site were using their own special versions of forms for no good reason other than it was easy when we made it. But now I've made it so they share the same logic and with that they now have a bit of extra functionality. Below the textfield you'll now find a handy button to the BB guide which also contains a list of all the flair tags and their prices! Convenient! Additionally, there's now a handy cost counter to show you the how much your flair tags will cost before your submit. It's also just a quick way to check how much cu. you have.

So go crazy with Flair Tags! Burn those cu.bes like the high-roller you are.

Note: careful with nesting flair tags, some css will override other ones which would be a big bummer.

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15SuperCam 2 months ago
These are cool
4 months ago
@heldplayer We don't we just re-write everything from the ground up lol.
13heldplayer 4 months ago
So at what point do you rewrite to work with Symfony?
4 months ago
Oh my