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DSiHub First 200 articles

By SLEDGE on June 8, 2020
My brother found a USB drive of mine and it is basically a snapshot of my life in 2012. A screenshot of a video call with my highschool gf and DSiComm backups and stuff it's nuts.

Under a backups folder I found this file. It is the first 200 DSiHub articles, last modified 2010. I have no idea why I had this file or why it's formatted like this but here it is.

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8Jonathan 3 months ago
7DracoAureus 3 months ago
Woah, that really is a blast to the past. I have some backups of some of the weird stories I would post on there, but not much.
5 months ago
So I think DSiPaint is currently the oldest DSi site still up... since I technically have DSiKlub still hosted, does that make it the 2nd oldest still up? Or is there another older one still going?
13heldplayer 5 months ago
That's some history right there!

I've also got a backup from some DSiHub files, but it only contains apps, I think I may have deleted other files I used to have very early on after it was shut down.
5 months ago
Woah cool
5 months ago
Hahaha wild