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Private Messaging

The PM tab is for composing messages to other users, Simply type in their username and talk to all your Cube Friends!


The Email tab is something you won't see on many other sites. Any time somebody sends a message to [your username] (for example, TheCube's email would be, the email will appear in your Email inbox just like a Gmail, Hotmail, or Yahoo account! You can then respond as if it were a PM. Or, you can create your own message and send it to your friends that don't have Cube accounts. Just type in their email and hit send!
IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although you are free to use your Cube email account freely when talking to friends, you are not allowed to use it to sign up for any site that will send you frequent notifications. For example, if you want to use this email to create a Facebook account, you must make sure your email notifications are turned OFF. If our mail server is spammed by your account due to large, pointless emails, your email privileges will be suspended.
Also, because this is a new, PHP-based email system, You may encounter parsing issues. If you come across an email that doesn't come out correctly, Please contact SLEDGE through the PM tab. Make sure to include the ID of your email and any other info you may have on it.