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Mail Conversations

Start a new conversation with another user by clicking the New Conversation button at the top of the page. You can have as many conversations with the same user as you wish and all messages for conversations will be grouped together. You will see conversations you started, even if the recipient hasn't yet responded.

Receiving Mail

If a user sends you mail, you'll get a notification and the conversation they created will show as "unread". Newer conversations will be sorted to the top of the first page and will get older as the page numbers increase. Tap on the conversation to expand it.

Replying to Mail

If you wish to respond to a conversation, simply expand the conversation and write your reply at the bottom. The response will be added to the conversation.

Unwanted Mail

If you receive a message that you don't want, expand the conversation and tap the "Delete" button to remove it from your mail. If you wish to prevent a user from sending you any more messages, you may navigate to their profile and select "Block User".