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As they say, an image is worth a thousand words!

Intro and Quick Tips

If you don't want to write it, then just draw it on QuickNotes! On this web-based drawing app, you have many different colors. Just press the down button on your DSi or 3DS and type in a color. Then you can draw with that color. To change color again, just hit the down button again.

The Drawing

This is the hard part xD
I, @umer936, have absolutely no drawing skills, so I can't help you in this section.

Saving Your Drawing

Saving your drawing is easy! Just hit the menu button on the QuickNotes canvas page or press the A button. You can add a custom name and a brief description. After hitting save your QuickNote will be located in the gallery.

The Gallery

In the gallery you can view, rate, and comment on other people's QuickNotes.
Really want to tell the creator how much you liked it? Just leave a comment!
Want to rate the QuickNote? Tap the stars!
Want to share your QuickNote or a QuickNote you like with everyone or your friends? Just click share to status!

Please note that since this app is still in progress, some features may not work 100% of the time...

This article will be updated as needed as new features are added.