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This is the status page.
On this page you can post new status updates about anything, whether it be your life, a cool picture you found, or a question about something.

What's What
The top bar is the bar for navigation (it's the same that you see on every page)
Go a little down and you'll see a grayed out arrow, meaning you're on the first page. Next to it is a pencil image, which you can tap on to open a box so you can send a message to the status page. The refresh button is next to the pencil, and the other arrow allows you to flip to a previous page. On the far right, there's an orange button with people on it, tap the "?" for more information on that feature. (I'll probably add more on this later)

Then, there's the actual statuses. Each box contains the user information, and their status. Starting from the far left top of each status box, there's a blue box with a number in it. That number represents the rank of the person, and the more active you are on the site, the higher your rank will go. Next to it is the username of the person who posted it (which you can click on to go to their profile). Underneath is how long ago the status was posted. On the right hand side is the avatar of the user. Then you have the actual status, which is what that user posted from the pencil box.

Under the status, you'll notice three little buttons, the first one is a comments button. Tap it to go to a page where you can comment about the status, please use this feature to reply to something the person said in their status. To the right of that is the "thumbs up" button, it's the equivalent of the "Like" button on Facebook. To the right of that is the "thumbs down" button. It's a "Dislike" button. Tap it to show disapproval about the status.

Then, under that status is another status, and another, and another. There are 10 statuses per page, and you can hit the right arrow at the top to switch back a page to see the 10 statuses posted before those 10.

Now, a word about posting statuses:
Please remember that ALL statuses must abide by the rules on, including:
-No spamming
-No offensive language or images
-No bullying

The most important one of these is the no spamming rule.
This means that you should not post repetitive statuses about the same thing, that should go in the comments page of whatever last status was about that topic.
This also means that if you have something you want to tell one specific user, use the Personal Messaging system (PM system) instead, so that there aren't 100 "hey [username]" status posts.

Note that if you do break these rules, an admin or mod (users with a star next to their name) may delete your status post and could warn you not to do it again (whether it's spamming or offensive language). If you repetitively continue to spam or be offensive after an admin or mod requests you to stop, the admin or mod may ban you from the site for a number of days or weeks, depending on how much of a punishment they see fit.

Also on the talk of rules and offensive language. Cussing IS allowed, but try to keep it at a minimum. Here at, we have a filter that automatically switches certain obscene words and phrases into everyday language phrases. Throughout your use of the site, you will notice a pattern and realize what certain phrases are code for. On the last note about the filter, DO NOT TRY TO BYPASS THE FILTER (for example, putting a period between two letters of the word). The whole reason for the filter is so that bad words get filtered out, so please let the filter do its job and don't try to bypass it.

Smileys, BBCodes, and More!
Now that we've established the rules and the layout of the status, there are plenty of neat things in status. For example, if you want a specific person to see your status, you can tag them. If I wanted the user SLEDGE to see a specific status, I would type "@SLEDGE" in my status.

Some other neat things are BBCodes and smileys. The full list of smileys and BBCodes are listed here. Again, please use these in moderation and do not spam the smileys.

Closing Note
Phew! That was a lengthy read for a status page! Congrats on getting all the way to the bottom! We hope you enjoy it here on, and if you have any questions, just ask them!