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1AlphaBravo 7 years ago
Hey guys I am curious, I have been working and designing a website now for about 2 weeks. Is this style and design eye catching or does it need improvement? http://, Now keep in mind that there are no functioning apps or sections yet, just the register and login.

We may be looking for staff members at the moment.
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7 years ago
Please don\'t steal my bgloop.png.
I'm an admin so you can ask me stuff.
7 years ago
That\'s not the same bgloop, is it?
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7 years ago
@SLEDGE Yeah, it is.
I'm an admin so you can ask me stuff.
9JSMastah 7 years ago
This is actually a fairly nice site. It\'d be better if there was a desktop version hough.
1311Drago 7 years ago
Didn\'t even know DSi sites were still a thing.
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23AquaBeat 7 years ago
Welp, its nice but all these icons are confusing...
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