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17wellsandlava 8 years ago

From the creators of the very first 3DSGallery.
Me and Maleck are proud to announce the release of our new site 3DSGallery2!
The predecessor to our last 3DSGallery!
Our goal is to create a safe, fun, and easy to use Social Network for everyone!

--The Best Security For Everyone--
Your safety is very important to us!
Therefore we want to make sure that we give you the best security that we can possibly offer.
So as a result we have taken lots of time developing, learning, and improving from our mistakes we had made in our last edition and insuring that they do not EVER reoccur in this edition!

--Our Staff Members--
We try has hard as we can to ensure that our staff members that we hire onto our staff team will be responsible and mature enough to keep this community a safe and fun place for everyone!

Email us

--Update Section--
7/18/2014 - 3DSGallery2 will be released this weekend. We will be carefully selecting our staff during the day of release and after our initial release.


7angelrulez7 8 years ago
[WIP[ lolfail
7angelrulez7 8 years ago
[WIP[ lolfail
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
Oh flip off!
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
We\'re now opening in most states across the usa!
9mjking 8 years ago
Now have 34 users
The next big thing!
9mjking 8 years ago
/* Update */

- Theme settings was added.
- CSS updated and optimize for mobile users.
- Menu was updated for quick access.

More updates to coming in these up coming days, Enjoy!
The next big thing!
9mjking 8 years ago

- Fix CSS themes setting and themes
- Added two new themes
- Fix behind the scenes bugs
- Updated default CSS on profiles

Update for next week:
-Add account settings
-Add GPM\'s
-Add Gallery
-Update Status
The next big thing!
9mjking 8 years ago
We will be down for a couple of days until we fix our server problem
The next big thing!
9mjking 8 years ago
Thank for waitting we are currently back online
The next big thing!
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
The idea and the name of 3dsgallery has been ruined by our past with our other editions of the site. We need our communities help to decide what me and Maleck\'s next project should be. Have any suggestions? Then please feel free to let us know. We want original ideas that can help us stand out from the rest!