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44GuitarBoy 8 years ago
Ajango aims to be a fast, fun, and innovative social network. In addition to being super fast and easy to use, it keeps you connected to friends in ways you couldn\'t connect before. Ajango also promotes charity and donations through and Paypal.

Today\'s modern web browsers are equipped with a lot of built-in features. Did you know you can request access to your webcam in certain browsers to take photos or videos? Did you know you can play WAV, MP3, MP4, and OGG files right in Google Chrome? How about image editing? Audio recording? These features and more are all things that Ajango will show you through sophisticated web applications.

The very close bond between web browsers and multimedia means that we can communicate through pictures, videos, animations, drawings, sounds, or a combination of the 5. Ajango will allow you to interact with users around the world with these sensory aids as well as a constantly updated user interface that works with you in aiding your online experience.

Since February, the site has been under reconstruction from scratch.

The new "do" for Ajango is turning out great so far, and the first thing you will get when you log in is your status/feed with you and your friends. Posts marked as "public" will also be displayed in your status.

In addition to design and user-befriending overhauls, the site will have an OPTIONAL email verification.

Unverified users will only be able to have so many friends, and post so many forum topics. It is unclear what other limitations there will be at this time for unverified users.
Users will be able to verify their account via their settings at any time they wish.

The first 3 main features to make the scene are profiles, status, and a public chatroom.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates for Ajango. is AWESOME.
44GuitarBoy 8 years ago
Any unique features you have to suggest feel free to speak your mind in this forum.
Ajango wants to put your imagination on your screen. is AWESOME.
34kenw2 8 years ago
Ajango makes my pee pee tickle.
16Alyx 8 years ago
Love the way you worded all this sweetie. Beautiful. But hasn\'t most social apps and sites beat you to this. Pretty sure

Good luck can\'t wait to see
44GuitarBoy 8 years ago
I don\'t recall Facebook or Twitter having an option to take live photos/videos of yourself to post instantly.

I also don\'t recall Facebook embracing the use of GIFs or APNGs. is AWESOME.
16Alyx 8 years ago
A lot of things are done for a reason. I also mainly meant all in general like snap chat vine and instagram too. Just saying g but this is a project and I\'m glad you\'re doing what you like.
1Prestotron 8 years ago
Seems like a fun project.
I am so massive.
44GuitarBoy 8 years ago
So I\'m thinking that there should be a mobile and PC/tablet site...the current layout just leaves way too much empty space. Both designs will be similar, but awesome still. is AWESOME.
44GuitarBoy 8 years ago
Wow. I\'m getting pretty far with Ajango\'s PHP backend.

I\'ve got my image library that converts images to other formats, resizes images, and outputs raw image data.

I\'ve got a reliable lightweight mobile browser detector that will take you to the mobile site if you are on mobile.

I\'ve got a Cron set up so that my core PHP file is updated and globalized for and ( copies the .php file to every minute too keep things up to date).

All that\'s left is to actually insert into the DB when you sign up.

Of course, I haven\'t even started to work on actual social features like the feed and profiles, but that will come much more easily once my backend is perfected. is AWESOME.