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Thread: Because nobody\'s posted

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1Prestotron 8 years ago
This is a forum in the Apple category and only here because nobody has posted in this category yet.

So hai, and because this might count as spam, go ahead and label your favorite apple product I guess.
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11JasonTodd 8 years ago
My favorite Apple product.
Je ne regrette rien
8 years ago
Lol @JT

Mine would be the Nano 5th gen. Best Nano hands-down.
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35Acerio 7 years ago
why isn\'t there a google category or something we talk about more? how random
6 years ago
@JasonTodd You should have posted apple juice(apple product), not an apple.
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16Akise 6 years ago
im gay
if u take my posts seriously ur a coconut
21EvilWaffles 5 years ago
He\'s gay
I love waffles!
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