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Thread: Bills that are deadly

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1Firestone 8 years ago
Last week, i found out about SOPA's return, What a shocker. That actually died now so no worries. I recently heard of the NSA trying to push in a CISPA bill again, which is even worse. Something tells me there is sime secret bills out there will severly affect our internet. Post here in recent bills that go against the internet.
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1Wooster 2 years ago
Hah, that's going to take a lifetime. But not to worry, there won't be any bill left, after the recent developments, happening in the us now.
With the blm movement, there seems to be a "defund", desocialize movement on the way. Advertisers do not want to be seen anymore with whatever brand that gets called out as being racist. In any kind, shape or form. And that seems to be happening a lot. So what you have now is a ongoing censuring of everything that might be deemed racist. think of the removal of uncle ben, aunt jamima, etc... And that's just the beginning. You don't need bills anymore that go against the internet. Nowadays, it's oversocialized young people, who are led to think that everything they do is wrong. Take a look at what's happening with statues of certain people in the world. These are a part of the history of the country. But no, they have to be taken down. The same goes with the internet. Again, government doesn't need any bill. We'll do it ourselves.
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2 years ago
lol @Wooster you're a bit late to party on this thread (@Firestone posted that 6 years ago).
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32Yenwood 2 years ago
Also, hot take...