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Level 5 on Socialcube

Created on 03/02/23 by DCTheGamr
Why hello fellow members, I have finally reached level 5. This is quite the beautiful moment and I will continue to use this website. Level 10 soon? Maybe idk lol. If I keep making blogs and posting statuses, I could get to level 10-20 pretty easily.

Leaderboards show that the current max is 68 held by A-Man with the lowest of the top ten being 32 held by Dill pickle. I could probably do it if I started using this website more, might as well lol. Need something for those archives to be full.

Before I end off this entry, I will always find it funny that blogs here have a 4M character limit. Funny that websites with 10 people actually active still max (if not less) will give you waaaaaaaaaaay more to work with. After spamming notepad with the letter "E", I have figured out that 4M characters is 3.81MB of data.

Impressive, you will probably not have that much of just pure text. And thats per blog with seemingly like no limit on blogs assuming they aren't spam so thats funny lmao. Just so I don't go into a long rant about nothing, I will end off this blog entry now. Thanks for reading lol.

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