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Created on 04/05/13 by SuperCam
So once upon a time there was a mouse. This mouse's name was Chicken Blues. So one day chickens came out to meet Chicken. And Mr. Blues wanted to know why there were lollipops in his toilet.

So the next day he went to the store and found a llama and threw apricots at it. Have you ever thrown apricots at a llama? Its pretty awesome. It feels like your eating a math test in front of the teacher and he/she says "Jolly Old Sport, You Just Ate Your Math Test!"

So yeah, you now understand that up is relative to the position of the lemon under the stairs that has been there sense I said it was a Wednesday. So then the sky turned blue and all life as we know it stayed the same.

And that is why the title is called: Candles


7MagicalHero 8 years ago
Perfect title.

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