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Created on 08/02/22 by SuperCam
So last night I had a dream where I woke up in the middle of a puddle and it was raining. I didn’t know who I was, or where I was. I was just laying in the street. I thought maybe I had been hit by a car and now had a concussion that created amnesia or something.

I stood up and looked around to see if I was okay, I didn’t have any visible injuries. I looked in the puddle and in my reflection I saw that I was a girl.

Some time went by and I was now friends with a guy and a rich older woman. They had helped me set up a life. This guy had a crush on me, and the older woman took me under her wing. I lived at her mansion, and I had a good life now.

I still didn’t know who I was, but everyone called me May. So my name was May.

When I first woke up I had set out to find out who I was by walking around where I first woke up, in the hopes I would find out where I came from. There was a large structure from a video game called Fallout 4 (the thing the brotherhood ties their giant blimp to as an anchor) near where I woke up that I visited a few times. But after a few months gave up trying to figure out where I came from.

A long time went by, I think it was a few years… but I was happy and content. I accepted the fact that I didn’t know who I was or where I came from. I was happy.

By chance that man that was helping me came across another woman who he thought I had maybe had known before I had woken up in that street. This guy set up a meeting with the woman for me to meet her, and around this time in my life I was starting to have dreams about a guy named Cameron.

So in the meeting we all talked and this new woman was confused why these random people set up a a meeting with her. I then said, "I think my name is Cameron…" I was crying at this point because I was super emotional, and then I said, "… and I think you are my mom."

She was. This new woman was Robyn, my RL mother.

She looked at me, and I was afraid she was going to be mad for trying to trick her, but she was looking at me and recognized me in my eyes and could see that I was indeed Cameron. I had been missing for a very long time. I held my breath as I waited for her to respond.... She remembered my beard and asked "Cameron?"
Then we both were crying because we had found each other.

I still didn’t remember who they were, but I found my original family. Everyone was confused why I was now a girl, but they accepted me. Danika was excited to have a sister, but was like: "Are you really Cameron?"

Dani and I went to the store to buy makeup, and I was picking things out. I suddenly had an idea and needed to buy a pen. I was looking all over the store and couldn’t find one, all I saw where eye liners and mechanical pencils. So I gave up my idea (honestly don’t remember what that idea was lol)

Some more time went by and we figured out how to make me turn into Cameron again. But I was torn not knowing what to do. I didn’t want to give up my life as May, I had found a new family with that guy and rich woman. I had a job that I enjoyed and had a life now. But I decided to become a boy again, and everyone thought it was for the best.

I changed back into Cameron, but I still didn’t have my memories. I didn’t like to be Cameron, and the Kopaunik family was starting to get annoyed that I still wanted to be May and that I didn’t remember my past life. Particularly my father, he didn’t understand what I was going through and just wanted his Cameron back. But I wanted to be May, I didn’t like my old life. Anthony, on the other hand, was patient with me and I started to feel close with him.

Then I "woke up", but I was still dreaming in RL. It was about this time that the dream started to loose its integrity and started becoming a regular dream.
I was confused and still thought I was May, but the dream I had just had confused me. Anthony then started to make mild fun of me for thinking I was May and I went into his bedroom and May was sitting there on the ground.
Then I was May again, and walked out of Anthony's bedroom.
Apparently I had been walking around in my sleep and didn’t remember this, but Ant was saying that I kept walking to his bedroom, poking my head in, and then going back into the hall, then poke my head in again, and repeat over and over. Anthony called it "stalking" for whatever reason.

I laughed because I was like "really?" and Ant was like yeah while he was laughing too.

Then I walked down the hall and saw Danika's bedroom, it was dark because the light was off and I saw Cameron in his red polo shirt walk across the room. I was May again, my dream had come into reality. I was scared again, and I "woke up" again.

In this new dream I was like, "that was a awesome dream" and I decided to go write it all down so I wouldn’t forget, but then I woke up for real. I looked at my side table by my bed and realized I had actually woken up. It was about fifteen minutes ago, and I wanted to write it all down so I wouldn’t forget.

It was really trippy, and I liked being May with the life she had set up. What a crazy ride haha

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