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Created on 03/18/22 by SuperCam
So I had an interesting dream last night.

It started out as me being Batman. I was talking with police officers about some crimes going on and how they were appreciate of my work. Then they got a call that there was a super villain downtown, so I got in my Batmobile and drove down there.

The villain was a tall skinny man that had a figure of Slenderman. He was destroying cars and put something on the road that looked like oil.

I jumped out of my Batmobile and it went and started shooting the villain as it charged into it. When it reached the oil stuff it disintegrated. And then I realized that it wasnt oil.

It was nanobots. Microscopic, self-replicating, robots that converted the material around it into other nanobots.

Everyone around seemed to have made that connection at the same time I did, because everyone started running away. Lots of panicking people. Cars started getting consumed and the nanobots spread outward as it converted material.

I started running, and it was about this point that I was no longer batman. I was me again.

There was a girl that was my wife (or girlfriend, I dont really know) and we got in our car and drove away as fast as we could. We were headed to California. She was a scientist, specifically a biologist.

We picked up my family (parents and siblings) and we all headed to San Diego. There was a lab there that might be able to save us.

So we all had to stop at a hotel because it was a long drive and we were all tired.

The nanobots were still spreading and it's rate of growth was exponential. So the longer this problem was going, the faster it spread.

My wife and I were talking about it, and we realized something. They were not just going to be converting the surface of the Earth into nanobots.... but it was also converting the Earth itself.

We then realized a huge part of the earth was already converted.

That realization was horrifying, and then I woke up.

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