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The Passage of Time

Created on 08/23/20 by LordStrum
I'm not that old, relatively speaking. The current average human lifespan is 70 something, and I'm roughly a third of the way there. But sometimes I do think about the time I've spent, and how easily it can all disappear.

Just look back 8 or so years at this point. There are people from the various DSi sites that I used to spend most of my non-school waking hours talking to, and they've all disappeared into the ether. The sites that I've spentBummulative months on, all gone. It's a bit wild, when you put this much thought into it.

Sometimes I wonder about stuff that I'm sure many others do. How are these people that I have not spoken to in many years? Do they think the same about me? Do they remember me at all? 8 years is a long time, some people even longer.

Nostalgia is certainly something, and sometimes it leads you down paths like this. It's fun to think about for a bit, but at the end of the day, time stops for no man. I cannot stop for it either.

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4 years ago
@.:A-MAN:. i can kinda think that for so many things in my life honestly. So many inflection points.
23TulipsOfLove 4 years ago
23TulipsOfLove 4 years ago
That's trye @.:A-MAN:.
4 years ago
It is pretty crazy to think about the whole DSi/3DS site phenomenon and how impactful it was to a very specific demographic, yet will likely never even be remembered past our lifetimes.