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My Favorite DSi Websites

Created on 04/06/20 by .:A-MAN:.
In no particular order:

- DSi Klub. I'm biased on this one cuz I made it. :P

- DSi Plaza. Had the classic minimal, IP-based version as well as the later versions with extra features. Both were good for different reasons.

- DSi Cade. The one that got me into web development, even if I barely used the site later on.

- DSi Paint. Cool stuff with painting and later sprite creation, never did much with the community though.

2 years ago
@firecat thanks! Are you on a DSi? We don't currently support the DSi browser here anymore.
1firecat 2 years ago
I like your. 3ds klub
1firecat 2 years ago
Ok I can't talk on DSi tho
2 years ago
Hi @firecat! Not yet!
1firecat 2 years ago
hello is this place dead

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