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The Raid 2 (2014)

Created on 03/20/18 by JasonTodd
There's a term that filmmakers and cinephiles use: sequelitis. It's a medical term for a common disease that affects the sequel to a good movie and turns it into a lesser copy of its predecessor. Very rarely does a sequel turn out to be as good as the original, and even more rare is for it to be better. The Raid 2 is one of those rarities. The great thing about the first Raid was it's action, camera work, and simple story. This sequel ups the ante giving us bigger action, better camera work, and a long, intriguing, and complex story to go with it. It retains what we loved about the first, and applies it to a bigger and better terrain, with characters we care about and can even relate to. One of the last surviving cops, the protagonist of the first Raid played by Iko Uwais, is recruited to serve undercover in an Indonesian crime family to find the crooked cops involved in the operations. The Indonesian crime family is run by an old, wise, and experienced gangster, with an unruly but ambitious son who wants his father's power. All the good things in this film are just better versions of the previous one, so I won't even bother repeating them. Just read the other review and imagine a film that's twice as good as that. I give this film an A+ for magnificent action and camera work, terrific editing and story, great music and acting, and amazing cinematography.

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