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The Mummy (2017)

Created on 03/20/18 by JasonTodd
As a kid, I grew up watching Brendan Fraser's Mummy movies. I still watch them occasionally, out of nostalgia. They've become a guilty pleasure of mine because they may not be that great but they're fun and enjoyable. This movie is not. First of all, this movie barely even knows what it wants to be. It dances between the line of action/adventure, comedy, and horror in a way that just makes your head spin. Tom Cruise's performance was as good as it could've been, given how badly written his character was. All the other actors are borderline unwatchable, which I dont blame them for. If I read that script I'd probably just read my lines, get paid, and go home without any actual effort too. This movie takes itself too seriously too be fun, but not seriously enough to be interesting. Maybe it could've been good, maybe. But unfortunately, The Mummy's main job, as you're suddenly made aware of both in the opening title sequence and smack in the middle of the film, is to launch a franchise for Universal pictures centered around classic monsters, with Frankenstein, Dracula, and Creature from the Black Lagoon movies also on the way. This leads to the movie spending half its runtime trying to setup a universe instead of trying to actually be a good god damn movie. Iron Man wasn't great because it spent it's time setting up a universe, but that's exactly why Iron Man 2 was not as good. I honestly don't remember the music, which obviously means it wasn't good. The cinematography was decent, I guess, but nothing special. I give this movie a D- for bad acting and music, terrible editing and writing, and decent cinematography.

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