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My apartment almost burned down

Created on 10/13/17 by SuperCam

So earlier today I spilled a bunch of chicken on my laptop in order to prevent my cat from vommiting on my puppet. He wasn't very happy about this and ended up throwing up on my vintage balloon arch that I had stolen from a parade a couple months ago.
So naturally I made a peanut butter jelly sandwich and then put it in a bowl of baking soda.
It wasn't all that bad really, my mother had taught me that after I broke my butt when i was 14. But once I was unsure if I really believed that.
How could it be true if I don't like to put ketchup in my mac and cheese?
I was able to resolve this after I made a hard boiled egg and fed it to a penguin at the local zoo.
But I've never been able to get over it. Not really anyways. You go through life telling yourself that it sucks to stub your toe, but people do it anyways.
Idk, just doesn't make sense to me.
But that's a good as any reason not to eat in bed i guess.

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