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Logan (2017) +++++

Created on 06/27/17 by JasonTodd
Logan marks the end of an era for us all. When Hugh Jackman was first cast as Wolverine back in 2000, fans were not happy (that almost always happens when a superhero is cast). But I think we can all agree that his performance as the character will stay in our hearts forever. And even though there were some bad movies under his belt (Origins, Last Stand) Hugh Jackman's Wolverine always stood out. Now, after 17 years of playing the character, his time has come to an end, and what a spectacular end it is. Drawing inspiration from the Old Man Logan comics, the movie stars of course Hugh Jackman, as well as Patrick Stewart playing Professor X, and young Dafne Keen as a mysterious girl in need of help. When the first trailer dropped I was surprised. Most X-Men movies tend to be like every other superhero movies: big actions scenes, big set pieces, big production. But Logan sets itself apart as a westernized road trip movie, that focuses more on the characters than action. But of course, that doesn't stop the action from being fliping awesome, as the R-rating allows for much more brutal fight sequences.
Director James Mangold definitely has an affinity for styling movies in a way that feels like he's bringing the golden years of Hollywood (early 1900s black and white films) to our modern day, and it really shows here. Definitely the best X-Men movie, the best Marvel movie, and one of the best superhero movies ever (sorry, Dark Knight still holds that spot. Wolverine will sorely be missed, and I'm glad they ended his story in such a great way.

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