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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 (2017) +++

Created on 06/27/17 by JasonTodd
At this time of this review, a total of 3 superhero movies have been released: this, Logan, and Wonder Woman. It's been a pretty good year for superhero movies so far, considering last year had BvS, Suicide Squad, and X-Men Apocalypse (which was eh). But the one thing that has remained mostly constant since 2012 was that the MCU was always on top. But not this year, at least not yet since Spider-Man hasn't come out yet. Guardians of the Galaxy 2, a sequel to the critically acclaimed origin team movie that was both apart of the MCU, but also so far outside it's restrictions, is the most disappointing superhero film of the year, and the most disappointing Marvel movie since Age of Ultron. I'm a fan of the first movie, it's probably one of my favorite Marvel movies so far. It has heart, humor, and fun action, just like the other Marvel movies, but something about it makes it different. Maybe it's the memorable soundtrack or the chemistry of the team? Whatever it may be, James Gunn took it and ran with it. Unfortunately he figured, "Since they liked that so much, I'll double it next time!" This doesn't work. It's way too much. This is easily the most humorous, joke filled Marvel movie so far, and that's not a good thing. The added heart is the only thing that saves this movie. The soundtrack is good, like the last, but even that's not enough. There are whole segments in this film that can be cut out and it wouldn't change anything, save for some laughs if you enjoy that kind of humor. Anyways, while most of this movie is a waste of time, it does take time to dwell on the stories and motivations of their characters, which is definitely a feat given the large cast. But unfortunately it's overshadowed by unfunny jokes left and right, and a slew of unnecessary plot lines.

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