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Scary dream

Created on 05/26/17 by SuperCam
6ish months ago my brother was saying that his teacher said that if you try to convince other characters in your dream that they are not real and is a dream it will trip your brain out and they're eyes will turn black like a deamons.

I didn't really belive it at first because I could remember telling people in my dreams sometimes that they were dreams.

But then I remembered they just kind of let me talk the way people in my real life do when I'm... Well i guess I talk about weird stuff sometimes. Just ask @SLEDGE

Anyways i decided to give it a go and the next time I lucid dreamed. A week and a half pasted (ish) and in my dream I was driving @SLEDGE and another brother of ours to our parents house. I knew it was a dream and the entire drive home I was trying to convince Anthony that it was a dream and he kept trying to tell me it wasn't. I told him I could make it rain and when we parked in front of the house I did.

But he told me that it didn't price anything and turned the rain of saying he could do it to.

But then I can't remember what I said but he was standing in front of me and he was suddenly convinced that it was a dream.

And you know what?

His eyes did turn black. Also his head drooped over to his right side as he looked at me. But that's not what totally freaked me out.

Suddenly, everything in the background started to melt like an fresh water color painting in the middle of a thunderstorm. It was crazy like it was some new snap chat filter.

But what really freaked me out was this scary butt music that stayed to play.

It was like the music on "Ben drowned" or "salad fingers"

I woke my self up because I just opened up a portal to hell and I was not gunna get trapped haha
I woke up so fast that I could see Anthony's face in my pillow when my eyesight finally returned

Totally crazy, y'all should try to do this yourself the next time you lucid dream

17SuperCam 5 years ago
17SuperCam 5 years ago
I just realized, this actually probably took place a lot longer time ago than 6 months. I loved at my grandparents home and I moved out of there December 2015... Which was like a year and a half ago....

So that kind of threw me thriving a loop... Not really sure when this took place anymore hahaha

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