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My Sweet Amellia

Created on 05/26/17 by SuperCam
This took place the night between the second and third of April 2017...

First some dream context:
I have a recurring dream I have 5-6 times a year where I have a cardboard box that can move around like a car (thats weird, but you get used to it after a couple times lol). I move around very smoothly and so quickly I often am an inch off the ground or so.

Well last night I was traveling around the country and I was somewhere out of state and came across a village in the middle of the mountains somewhere. (I think wyoming or Montana but that's not important)
I was hungry, so I went and checked it out. It was a nice village and there was a girl (Her name was Amellia. Im not sure if thats a real name or not, or if I'm spelling it right lol). I was beginning to fall in love with her, and she with me. But she kept saying that I needed to leave before "she" found out I was here, because I would be "stuck here forever" if she did.

Long story short, turned out the village was an Amish, satanic, cannibalistic, cult that worshiped a demon that was possessing a 700+ lbs obese woman. (That obese woman part I think might have been influenced by Howard's mother from the Big Bang Theory Ive been binge watching lol)

When I discovered this I convinced her to run away with me. So in the middle of the night before the "festival" (whatever in the hell that is haha) I ran down to the road where my folded-cardboard box was. While I was doing it, I was having a really hard time opening it. As I was struggling, I heard Amellia scream and I looked up to see her running away from a mob with torches and stuff. I frantically tried to open it but when I did and was on my way to pick her up, her throat got sliced by a scythe and fell to the ground dead with moonlight being reflected off the blood on the grass. The fat demon lady came out behind a building screaming "get them!" She was as big as a small house and also had tentacles and random limbs sticking out of the body. She was rather revolting.

An alarm started to go off as I sped away in my box.


The second I got back down to the road, it was suddenly daylight. Which usually tells me that "Hey your in a dream Cameron." But that didnt happen.

BUT to make it weirder, I still acted as though I knew it was a dream even though I didnt. I suddenly had the ability to warp reality to my will. When the Amish people came after me I just decided I was going to chimmy-chimmy-bang-bang my box and fly over the lake. Ignoring the fact that Amish people possesed motorized vehicles, Ive never not known it was a dream and decided to just fly in my box.
To make things even weirder, when I was flying, the AMISH PEOPLE sent up armorized drones to shoot me down.

So what do I do? I decide I had the ability to jam radio frequencies even though I did not know it was a dream. WHAT???

Was I a god in the dream? If so why did I just let my love die? What the heck just happened???? My fun exciting narrative dream just took a stupid anticlimatic turn.

It would be like watching the star wars saga and finding out that the force wasnt a mystical force or anything, but it was just a day dream of a farm boy in Tennessee during the Cold War.

If Im going to dream, make me know its a dream when Im going to have god like powers. Jeez.... I should have just woken up when Amellia died. At least then I would have been happy when I woke up lol

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