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Midichorians are awesome!!!

Created on 12/19/16 by SuperCam
I do not get the hate people give to Midichorians in Star Wars. I tried to understand and I looked at what people say. Yoda and Obiwan say something like the force is an energy field that connects all life. Quigon tells us that Midichorians allow life to exist and allow sentient lifeforms to communicate with the force. I think this is cool and shows a deeper side of star wars, for example: it shows a small amount of knowledge that was lost after the irradication of the jedi.

One thing that someone online says is that having something like that removes the mystical feeling of the force. But these people don't understand is that Quigon does not say that Midichorians were the cause of the force. No one says that. That is a correlation not a causation.

Midichorians are very misunderstood and I feel like I need to say something.

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