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Films to Look Out For - 2016

Captain America: Civil War - Edited

Created on 12/24/15 by JasonTodd

2016, in my opinion, should be titled 'The Year of Superhero Movies'. With a total of 6 coming to theaters (2 of which feature heroes fighting each other) I can only assume that it will be a hard choice to see who wins. This movie is definitely one of the biggest contenders. The sequel to one of my personal favorite Marvel movies, Captain America: Winter Soldier, Civil War follows a very well-known comic storyline about the battles between Captain America and Iron Man. After the government releases a registration act that limits a heroes privacy, the Avengers split based on their opinions on the matter. This features the returning cast of Chris Evans (Snowpiercer), Robert Downey Jr (The Judge), Scarlett Johansson (Lost in Translation), and Sebastian Stan (The Martian), along with new cast members Chadwick Boseman (42), Martin Freeman (The Hobbit franchise), and Tom Holland (The Impossible).
The trailer for this movie was great, as most Marvel trailers are. It looks like it will not only be exciting and action packed, but emotionally driven, as we watch old friendships break, new friendships form, and vice versa. I just can't wait till they show us the characters that were missing from the trailer (Ant-Man, Baron Zemo, and the new and improved Spider-Man).
What will this movie gross? It's a Marvel movie. That's enough said right there. It may not gross quite as much as the Avengers films, but it will likely make it past the billion dollar mark. I'm guessing a rating of 8.2-8.6 on IMDb. I will watch this in theaters.

After a very disappointing weekend for me, I finally had the chance to see Captain America: Civil War in theaters (albeit I had to see it alone instead of my usual group of friends but I couldn't wait long enough). You're probably hearing a lot of praise for the film already, from friends and critics alike. Well, I honestly can't disagree with them, this movie is really good. Being Marvel's first step into the third phase of their ever expanding cinematic universe, Civil War hits just about every positive note. It's a great story, with great writing (not too much humor but not too dreary either), great acting and performances (all the new characters were introduced fairly well and have me excited for their solo films) and overall amazing action. I usually come out of Marvel movies fairly disappointed with their fight choreography and certain action sequences, but the Russo brothers have shown me that they know what they're doing. My main problems with this movie, which are very small, are the score and imagery (which no one but me cares about really). Civil War is already at a whopping 700 million in the box office, and still steadily rising so it probably will reach the billions. It's score on IMDb is currently 8.5 so my rating prediction is also accurate. And before I end this off, since I might receive this question anyway I might as well ask it myself. Is Civil War better than Dawn of Justice? Yes.


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