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My Crazy Dream I

Created on 12/02/13 by SuperCam
So it started out that I was a companion of the Doctor on Doctor Who. Yes it is nerdy but here we go...

Oh and I was a woman:

Anyways in my basement there was this horrible plant monster thing. It was super evil and was going to kill everyone. So the Doctor and I were trying to figure out how to destroy it.

The plant was underneath a sheet of plastic and was basicly a giant vine/root thing. The closest picture I could find was this:

So in order to destroy it we found out that we could throw it into the heart of the sun when the Solar System was still forming.

We were orbiting mars when it was young.

We threw it into the sun and flew off.

Here the dream changes and I become the plant creature. It is this part that I inherit the ability of lucid dreaming. Except I didnt know I was dreaming. I could do anything I could imagine and nothing could stop me.

But mostly, I became evil. I was a monster.

I shape-shifted into a human body and found a family that was camping in a RV.

I killed the parents and then locked the door with the kid inside. Then I lit it on fire.

The police were then after me but there was nothing they could do about it. I was a God and nothing could harm me.

Keep in mind that in this dream I was not myself and I would never do these things in real life

I later stole a car and snuck into a military base, I could turn invisible.
I was messing with this guy until he started shooting blindly at me. It attracted other guards and I made them do a beautifully choreographic dance and song while I poured giant bags of sugar on them.

I awoke shortly after with a splitting head ache and missing chunks of the dream. But I woke up with a WTF face.

17SuperCam 5 years ago
I totally forgot about this. I forgot to mention that the RV was travelling down a highway abs I made the parents get out of the car she I forced myself on the moon in front of the husband and kids, then threw everyone back in and then lit it on fire.

I was embarrassed of that part but if was such a long time ago I'll finish add that in lol

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