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Alien Invasion I

Created on 07/17/13 by SuperCam
I had this sometime in the beginning of July of 2013:

It started out as an ordinary week. Going to work, family and friends. Nothing unusual.

I decided to watch the news before the weekend just to see if anything important was going on.

The s3xy blonde lady announced that there was a giant asteroid that was going to pass the Earth in the next couple weeks.

The weather man came on and showed where in the night sky where it was going to be if you wanted to go out and see it.

I was excited and got a small telescope and took a look. Wasnt much more than that, just some piece of rock. Cool though.

Life went on, going to my pain in the butt job and a normal couple weeks.

Then one day, my television show got interrupted:

That the asteroid previously mentioned has made a course correction and was headed towards Earth. There is no need to panic. We have a message straight from the president.

Basically it said that we shouldn't panic and that we now know if we are alone in the universe. That we should be cautious, but not to engage when they arrive. That the US Government and all the other countries of the world will be having an emergency meeting to discuss these visitors.

People in my dream (keep in mind that it is a dream) listened to the government and nobody panicked. So for the next few days people went back to work.

Eventually a giant spacecraft that was in the shape of a giant cigar, but the look of a hamburger patty was hovering over all the major cities in the world. They were huge, at least 100 miles across. (At least the one over my city of Salt Lake City Utah)

I would keep going to work and come home. My dad got a gut feeling that this wasnt going to end well.

He had one of his old buddies (that doesnt exist in real life but he did in the dream) to come on over and get his guns ready. My father has a lot of guns, so we got assault rifles and headed to the Draper Temple to stay in a safe place.

This is what the guy looked like (except he had a military shirt on lol)

Here is the draper temple:

So we were making camp at the temple, then ships came out of holes of the bigger ship. They looked like this:

And they came through the city and started to blow buildings apart and decimate the city. I was totally scared.

After a couple of hours, which felt like a lifetime, the city was demolished.
Very few things remained standing. The temple was one of them.

Then the ground invasion began, instead of teleporting down or something in a usual Sci-Fi movie, giant cables came down from there ships and the aliens came down like covert US military blackops coming down from a hovering helicopter.

The ship looked like the previous ship in style, but was a lot bigger and fatter.
They went through the city killing people as they ran for their life.

Then we ran out of supplies or something and we needed to head out to a Navy base my bff (Kevlar) worked at. (in real life its in virginia but in the dream the ocean was in Utah and he was there)

So my father, his buff friend, @SLEDGE , and I went out.

We came unto a part in the woods where we were suddenly ambushed. My father was killed and the tough guy decided to be our dad after that.

We got to the Naval base and it was being destroyed by one of their scout ships. We were hiding in some bushes on a hill overlooking the Aircraft carrier. The scout ship had a blue beam that was as wide as the base. As the ship went accross it shot the beam down and killed everyone on the base. Sparks went everywhere as it crossed the base. It made three rounds before flying off in the distance.

This is what the beam looked like: (except it was more blue):

It was about then that I woke up.

By the way things were looking it wasnt going to be a happy ending.

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