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14mayikillyou 7 years ago
@wellsandlava: I want to convince him to give me a second chance and unban me
14mayikillyou 7 years ago
@wellsandlava: Hey, do you have HullBreaches email?
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
@Kairi: Here's what yoIf they don't kick there asses.u do when you're being picked on. Tell them to "Flip off, Mate!"!
2Kairi 8 years ago
@wellsandlava: You're cool too, man.
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
@Kairi: You seem pretty cool, mate!
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
@Roman: Click the help button
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
@Roman: Hi
9mjking 8 years ago
Good news:

@wellsandlava have gratefully bought hosting for Gallery & JSDL. I thank him for the support and the hosting. As of now i'm currently working on getting a .com for both 3DSGallery2 and JSDL and these upcoming months.

3DSGallery2 & JSDL should be restored today or sometime tomorrow.

~ We care about our users ~
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
@FabuFaith: HEYYYYYY!!
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
@babypenguin178: Hey man! Whaat's up? Welcome to Go ahead and custimize your Profile.
9mjking 8 years ago
Time for some java work on 3DSGallery2.
@wellsandlava and me are working hard to make sure 3DSGallery2 is ready.

22rayword45 8 years ago
@wellsandlava: I'll take any reccomendation. Anything.

I'll give anything one chance.
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
@GuitarBoy: Can you read my posts?
17wellsandlava 8 years ago
@Faith1121: Can we chat?
1Faith1121 8 years ago
@wellsandlava: @wellsandlava I don't think the 3DS understand any XMl, because RSS feeds don't work on my 3DS. My DSi dos understand XML. (Because It can read RSS feeds).