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Once again I barely ever come here but add me on Discord, Snapchat or Facebook
DSi site drama is.... Still a thing
spent a week freaking out over failing Vector Calc for the second time in what was supposed to be my final semester of undergrad

checked final grades and I got a 56.5/100 but marked as a C, meaning I passed not on the basis of my own merit but on everyone else's lack thereof

story of my life amirite? anyways, GRADUATION ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED just 1 more year of classes and I'll have an MS in Data Analytics
Happy belated-belated New Year yall. Get turnt for me.

IDK if this site will go down any time soon but comment your social media if you want since I'm only here a few times a year
Yknow, I sincerely wonder what happened to most of the people from Hub and Plaza, like where are they these days?
Does anyone here live in NYC? I'm arriving there Thursday morning and leaving Monday afternoon, and I just found out the friend I was staying with Thursday and Friday night in NYC is bailing to Foxwoods tomorrow night sooooo I'm technically homeless while I'm there but I'm still going cuz mama ain't raise no jerk.

If you live there and can offer a place to stay, please do I'll pay some money. If you live there and CAN'T offer a place to stay, still hit me up regardless I'm looking for a drinking buddy but if you're underage someone to just do crap with in the mornings would be nice (this has inadvertently turned into my first solo vacation ever).
Congratulations to @89Egypt for having what is currently the 19th best album of 2019 according to RateYourMusic!

I haven't listened to it yet
Who here knows R? I will pay $5 for some super simple crap within the next 2 weeks if someone can help me. Please I'm desperate lol
exist is pain
I love/hate Tinder it's my only chance of human connection

How weird is it that I've never had a girlfriend but my body count is 4 soon to be 5? Is it bad I've never fliped the same person twice?

My existence is depressing
I've been riding public transportation since I was 11 and let me tell you it FLIPING SUCKS.

That being said, even though the MBTA sucks I'd take Boston public transit over Amherst's joke of a bus system, and I'd take Amherst's bus system over no public transit at all.
Secured the third letter of recommendation I need to apply for the 5-Years Master's program at UMass. Life feels temporarily good.
i fliped to garbage that band fliping sucks yet it was more enjoyable than fliping to music i actually like what the hell gives
The final 10 days begins. God get me off this fliping campus I wanna go home.

Funny how Amherst is known as a party school yet I find myself finding 5x the parties whenever I'm in Boston
Wtf was rhat party some jerk stole 60 bucks from me ina flipib hurtbsomeone