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Dsi/3DS paint is still up, if anybody is wondering



4cdog3789 2 days ago
Missed the bus for the second time in two weeks

My mother was upset with me on the way home, and confiscated my phone
Turns out, the driver was driving a different bus today so I did get my phone back. (The first time I had to use the bathroom, thought I had time to go, I didn't lol)

But when I missed it today, it made my bad day worse. I sat outside in the cold for 45 minutes, feeling terrible. Lack of sleep, stressful finals, and constant nagging are definately catching up to me.

TL;DR - Missed the bus, consequence, later turns out not my fault I missed the bus.
4cdog3789 2 weeks ago
hard to find the motivation to do anything, when you get yelled at for each thing that you actally do...
16TulipsOfLove 2 weeks ago
@cdog3789:, explains what happened.
4cdog3789 2 weeks ago
Bro, Star Citizen looks so dopee
4cdog3789 2 weeks ago
scared to lose it all
4cdog3789 2 weeks ago
@TulipsOfLove: yoooooo

Do you know whats up with paint?
4cdog3789 3 weeks ago
Developing a new Clash Royale addiction? Nah, I'm more of a tower defense type guy. Wait a second...

But seriously though, I enjoy the game way too much
4cdog3789 3 weeks ago
I average an impressive (<--- sarcasm) six and a half hours of screen time per day. How about you uh, people Humans?
4cdog3789 3 weeks ago
Do yall ever remember a song, but not the lyrics, Just the melody?

Or am I just weird....
4cdog3789 4 weeks ago
Dunno whether I like Knights or Samouri more

I guess technically, Samouri are knights but
4cdog3789 4 weeks ago
four weeks of school left wooooooh
4cdog3789 4 weeks ago
Everyday I wake up, then I start to break up
lllllllonely as a mannnn... withouttttttt looooooove
4cdog3789 1 month ago
</3 my sleep schedule
4cdog3789 1 month ago
im just so done.
4cdog3789 1 month ago