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Hi. My name is Dill pickle.

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32Yenwood 2 months ago
proud to announce i will be gay for the entire month of June
32Yenwood 3 months ago
i actually hate dieting so much. like i want to EAT but i want to lose weight more
32Yenwood 4 months ago
i said it before but I'll say it again: i prefer playing janky games with funny bugs. when a live service game introduces 20 gamebreaking bugs every major update? that's the fliping spot.

this is also about dead by daylight because about a month back they accidentally fliped up auras so any perk that interacted with them was fliped up. there was a perk combo that would crash the game of anyone that got injured.
32Yenwood 4 months ago
honestly surprised how homophobic the dead by daylight community is. when i was first playing i was surprised how lgbt it was.

seems like everyone in the community is either gay or homophobic with no in between
32Yenwood 4 months ago
dead by daylight revealed today that my favorite character is gay so i was pretty happy then i saw the community's reaction and now i get to be emotionally exhausted today
32Yenwood 4 months ago
dying light 2 just released a NG+ mode but i dont know if i have the mental fortitude to suffer the awful story again
32Yenwood 4 months ago
so when people say insidious was the scariest movie they've ever seen are they joking or...
32Yenwood 4 months ago
taking a 6 hour break from schoolwork after writing a single sentence for the discussion boarcd
32Yenwood 4 months ago
it's funny how a lot of people are comfortable leaving me on read for long periods of time but if someone sends me a message i don't immediately reply to I'm consumed by an agonizing guilt
32Yenwood 4 months ago
i think living in a space ship would suck. like it sounds cool but its gotta actually suck hard
32Yenwood 4 months ago
its so funny that being sentenced to death or life are both bad things
32Yenwood 4 months ago
got accused of hacking in dbd for the first time in my 700 hours. so proud
32Yenwood 4 months ago
i have never seen so many russian bands in my discover weekly as i have in the past few weeks. tf is spotify doing
32Yenwood 4 months ago
32Yenwood 5 months ago
gonna scream and explode and die