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Hi. My name is Yenwood.

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btw my senator that said he wouldnt vote to confirm Barrett to the supreme court unless she openly denounced Roe v Wade voted for her anyway lmfao
I'm pathetic irl but I'm funny on the internet, so it balances out
considering trying to cut/style my own hair for the first time in my life. i generally just let my hair grow out until it drives me crazy then shave it all off. I've only ever had a professional touch my hair once and that was like 4 years ago zzz. i need supplies first i think, like hair scissors and a hand mirror. I have literally never had a hand mirror before and i don't even think there is one in the house rn lmfaooo. i think if my hair actually looked good i would feel better about myself. or maybe i would just feel the same with hair that requires more maintenance. who knows
my own hair perpetually torments me
we need a lurker wall of shame that has a list of ppl who visit regularly but dont post
Writing a self-reflective essay for school and I accidentally called myself a stupid instead of a student. 😔
i hate infinite scrolling i wish if i was scrolling for more than 5 minutes my computer shoots me in the head
just found out that Destiny 2 has a cool little thing going on where one of the aliens is named Misraaks but humans call him Mithrax because of pronunciation ❤️
i thought these were 2 different characters until now. my sister told me Mithrax was the Kell of Light and i was like uh no that's Misraaks.. then i realized i read this on a gun earlier
The best part of tumblr is that no one's seen the memes you've saved before. Something that's popular on reddit is already on the entire internet but tumblr is your own personalized circle of hell.
lol Trump just fired Esper.
@Yenwood's post reminded me that my sense of time is super messed up right now and nothing feels real. 🙃
i distinctly remember the first time I realized that the days get shorter when i was in first grade. the sun was out less and the world was getting colder. i genuinely thought it was because the sun was dimming and we were all going to freeze to death soon.
honestly this has become the most boring end of the world yet. where's the action. where's the drama. we just have our president throwing a tantrum on Twitter while we're all staring at a map nonstop for 3 days straight
idk how people bounce between multiple games i just stare at my screen doing nothing for 14 hours, frantically complete a task in 5 minutes then go to bed
rn the ppl in the white house should just tell Trump he won and show him a pic of the entire US red and then move him into one of those old folks homes for ppl with dementia and just let him think he's president there and we'd never have to hear from him again.