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Hi. My name is Dill pickle.

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31Yenwood 6 hours ago
socialcube in 2021 bottom text
31Yenwood 1 day ago
worrying myself until i feel sick abt something stupid so i cant study for my finals tomorrow lmfao
31Yenwood 4 days ago
hate label memes so much its unreal
31Yenwood 5 days ago
ppl say English is the hardest language to learn because its inconsistent but any time i pick up German again I think the only people that actually think that are monolinguals because in German every single noun is gendered and you have to memorize the genders because there are no rules that dictate gender.
31Yenwood 6 days ago
so weird how we feed our animals meat cereal and just expect them not to kill us in return. if i woke up and someone served me meat cereal dry as a fliping bone i would attack someone
31Yenwood 6 days ago
btw i decided i want to go by a different name irl so I'm Tristan now. i don't think this affects any of you bc I'm not sure who all even knew my name in the first place but jsyk
31Yenwood 6 days ago
i love Control because it takes something very cool (the supernatural) and makes it very boring (desk job) but makes it cool (you get to throw the desks)
31Yenwood 6 days ago
im sooo glad its finals week and i will soon be free of my psychopathic database professor who posts assignments at 2 am on a saturday having them due by midnight
31Yenwood 6 days ago
disassembling my parasocial relationship with random internet strangers because i just found out they're upper middle class
31Yenwood 7 days ago
my writing style is writing words exactly the way i thought them and then looking back and realizing what i wrote is completely incomprehensible and spending 20 minutes trying to make it seem like a normal person wrote it
31Yenwood 1 week ago
i love the concept of borders so much it's like you are NOT allowed to walk around because a dude who died 200 years ago said so lmfao
13heldplayer 1 week ago
Ok I'll bite, why does it say Dill Pickle when somebody tags @Dill pickle in a comment but not in a status?
31Yenwood 1 week ago
I love because they're wrong about so much for no apparent reason
1 week ago
Wait... did @Dill pickle just delete every one of his statuses?
31Yenwood 1 month ago
im playing* outriders and i think by far the best part about the game is that everyone you meet dies like almost instantly, and this apparently includes the servers

*servers have been down longer than they've been up so "playing" isnt really the right word