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Hi. My name is Dill pickle.

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32Yenwood 10 hours ago
i think most of my profs suffer from a delusion that people actually want to take their class
32Yenwood 11 hours ago
theres a swath of hair in my mustache thats noticeably lighter than the rest which is unfortunately orange-looking so my mustache permanently looks like its been stained by spaghetti sauce
32Yenwood 13 hours ago
internet was better when every web page had a minimum of 1 marquee
32Yenwood 2 days ago
blocked someone i met over dead by daylight today for being a massive flipin weirdo. i've met two people over dead by daylight and i've had to block both of them for being weirdos.
32Yenwood 4 days ago
sims fans are obsessed with the craptest looking cc you've ever seen in your life
32Yenwood 1 week ago
earlier today i played against someone that was so cringey it actually made my blood sugar drop and i thought i was gonna die
32Yenwood 1 week ago
i love having adhd sometimes im just listening to 3 songs at once without realizing im just like why does this song sound so crap.
32Yenwood 1 week ago
i think if you're gonna be a weird flip on the internet you should own up to it instead of attempting to gaslight everyone else into thinking THEY'RE the weird one
32Yenwood 2 weeks ago
theres a movie i just remembered but cant remember the name of but basically the gist is theres a scary haunted doll thats tormenting ppl and making them cry and scared and crap and at the end its revealed the doll is perfectly normal theres just a dude living in the walls. and this gets revealed and resolved within like. 5 minutes. and no one even dies except an old couple that killed themselves bc they hated the doll so much.
32Yenwood 2 weeks ago
love saying "you know the rest" think ill just say it when im bored of a sentence and dont want to finish it
32Yenwood 2 weeks ago
I love when people say "credit goes to the artist" like im just imagining that as opposed to "credit does NOT go to the artist"
32Yenwood 3 weeks ago
i <3 polymorphism ^^
32Yenwood 3 weeks ago
btw when i come here to say i love something I'm not being sarcastic i actually love it when things are stupid and bad because it makes me feel like a good day and saw the Knight and i and the kids at home grown wojaks up to the same place and the same time i was the same as a little more but i is a little better today and I don't want you can get a few more
32Yenwood 3 weeks ago
favorite part of january is that instead of calling someone dumb i can just say "are we really starting <current year> with this"
32Yenwood 3 weeks ago
i feel like I'm going insane are there new badges