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D/C++/C#/Java/PHP/JS dev
I made some games on here and randomly fix bugs.

My github page:

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3 months ago
Roblox 👀
5 months ago
Made a super basic extension for anyone who suffers when controlling videos using arrow keys + space bar on YouTube.

I actually made it over a year ago, but only just set up content to satisfy Google's requirements for posting to the store. Had a friend create the logo, and quickly created the "screenshots" for the store listing.

I feel like something has been/should've been made by now for this, I just couldn't find anything.
5 months ago
@execle silently making amazing QNs
5 months ago
I thought Wikipedia was upset about something and changed their logo to various drawings of computers crying.

6 months ago
Game streaming services should advertise the reliability of their cloud saves more lol
8 months ago
Black is a color.

Hue != color
1IcecreamSheep 8 months ago
Hewwo! I'm new! I'm @X27's bf. Nice to meet you all! (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。
9 months ago
Made a discord bot to automatically remove ifunny/reddit watermarks from images.

Lmk if one of these already exists, since I only made it because I couldn't find an existing bot.
9 months ago
@X27 (and anyone interested) here's the difference between the canvas (on Chrome) and the server's QN output. 1 is the output, 2 is what the browser canvas displayed.
9 months ago
Made a contribution to a small project months ago, got my role on their discord channel changed to developer, haven't messed with it in a while since the main dev hasn't shown interest anymore.

Now I'm getting a bunch of PMs about "my" game >.<
9 months ago
Hoping docker can give me a proper Apache setup that I can feel happy about, but also don't want to spend days setting up and learning it lol

I'll get it eventually
9 months ago
We really have a hashtag feature that tells us there's no hashtag feature huh
9 months ago
The more I mess with Apache, the more I think about throwing it out and rewriting everything with something else.
9 months ago
Anyone know if there's something like tagged templates from js, in php?

Hoping to transform something like this:
`SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Something=${"abc"} AND SomethingElse=${1}`

Into something like this:
    $stmt = $Conn->prepare("SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Something=? AND SomethingElse=?");
    $stmt->bindParam(1, $param[0], PDO::PARAM_STR);
    $stmt->bindParam(2, $param[1], PDO::PARAM_INT);

    return $stmt->fetch();

I've got an example of how it can be done in js, and it will output to the console to show it's working/what it does.
Bottom half is what actually matters:

class PDO {
  static PARAM_INT = "PARAM_INT";
  // other types...

  prepare(query) {
    return new PreparedStatement(query);

class PreparedStatement {
  constructor(query) {

  bindParam(parameter, variable, dataType) {
    console.log(parameter, variable, dataType);

// set up fake connection
const Conn = new PDO();

// actual meat of what i'm trying to show
function safeQuery(strings, ...params) {
  const query =
    strings.join("?") + (strings.length == params.length ? "?" : "");

  const stmt = Conn.prepare(query);

  for (let i = 0; i < params.length; i++) {
    const value = params[i];
    let type;

    // prob a better way to do this, like a dictionary
    switch (typeof value) {
      case "string":
        type = PDO.PARAM_STR;
      case "number":
        // we could resolve into other types like double, float
        // esp in php
        type = PDO.PARAM_INT;
      // error handling bla bla

    stmt.bindParam(i + 1, value, type);

safeQuery`SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE Something=${"abc"} AND SomethingElse=${1}`;

Would make writing queries + converting possibly unsafe ones way easier.
10 months ago
Has anyone checked out Sudomemo? Their website is a lot better since I've last looked at it, really amazed it's still around.