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My profile is best viewed on the awesome dark theme created by .:A-MAN:.

I used to be on DSiPlaza, DSiPaint and a couple other sites, one I can't remember in particular. My username was Nightmare or NightmareIndustries. If any of you remember me feel free to add me. I have changed a bit since we last met.

I am straight-edge (look it up, foo) and a metalhead. I like everything from Sabbath, to slayer, to 'tallica, to Cannibal Corpse, to fricken Avenged Sevenfold. My favorite band in the world is Protest the Hero. I love listening to music, playing video games, and watching netflix/pirated movies. I believe piracy should be legal as well as marijuana, although I don't smoke it. I am an atheist but I am tolerant of people's beliefs until they become militant/extremist. I turned 18 a while ago so I am one of the oldest people on here, kind of creepy I know.

If you want to know more or just chat in general feel free to add me. I can generally be quite social when I am in the right mood.

Awesome Quotes From Songs:
<br /> 'So can you tell me what exactly does freedom mean, if I'm not free to be as twisted as I want to be?'<br /> <br /> 'Now you've come to accept that anatomy defines more than a few.'<br /> <br /> 'Did you feel how the bullet took you? Did you feel easily your life got shed? Did you feel how the system shot you? 9mm through your fliping head!'<br /> <br /> 'Will anyone on this hotline understand that I'm defiled and dejected, suicidal and fully erected?'<br />



6 years ago
I have two donations that are unclaimed by users. Or it's also possible they were claimed but I forgot to give them badges. Either way, the amount of people with donation badges doesn't match the amount of people I've received donations from so let me know if you donated and don't have one(you'll need proof).

I also finished the badge system slightly more so that people who donate more get better badges. @TwistedChaos95 for example donated $10 so he has a golden badge.

@JSMastah donated < $5 so I gave him a bronze.

Anything between $5 and $10 gets a silver, but nobody has done that yet. Pretty much every donation other than TwistedChaos has been for ~$1.
10TwistedChaos95 7 years ago
"This web hosting account has used too much server resources. This is typically caused by a resource intensive script or by a busy website. The website will automatically be reactivated within 24 hours. Please try again later. If you are the website owner and see this frequently, upgrade to a premium account."

Cool website.
10TwistedChaos95 7 years ago
First thing I saw when I joined the SocialCube Minecraft Server. Someone please help this poor horse. xD

8 years ago
@Alyx I logged in your donation. While doing so I saw you actually only donated $1 before xD

It was @TwistedChaos95 that donated the $10 a while back. You're the new winner though!
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
Wow, this is an extremely sexy update. ;D
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
What's the countdown for?
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
*shoots self for attention*
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
I really like the new users online dropdown, I think it's really sexy. Not a big fan of the status/messages menu dropdown though.
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
@rayword45: If you haven't heard Devin Townsend's &quot;Deconstruction&quot;, you should review it. I personally love it.
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
@sonicman68: If you haven't already, check out the BodyFarm EP. This YouTuber recommended it and its really good. They also have a full-length/debut album called &quot;Malevolence.&quot;
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
Track 1 and Track 4 are really the only good songs on the new 5FDP album, in my opinion. Every other song is either a ripoff of another song or a guest appearance where the guest barely has any part in it. I was especially disappointed with Anywhere But Here (feat. Maria Brink), because she was barely in the song.
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
@Akise: Accept le friend request plz.
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
I burned my thumb today at work and everything I touch feels wet for some reason. I thought I had Sprite or something on my computer. -_-
10TwistedChaos95 8 years ago
&quot;A team of highly trained monkeys has been dispatched to deal with this situation.&quot;

Come on, monkeys, work faster! What the hell are we paying you for?
22rayword45 8 years ago
@TwistedChaos95 While pranking Yuki WOULD be fun, she seems to be having a troubled home life with her mother right now.

So let's leave her be.